Want puzzles to be your winter hobby? Check out these puzzle boards on sale.

Looking for something to get the puzzle lover in your life this holiday season? Jumbl puzzle boards are on sale for about 20% off at Amazon as of Dec. 6. But hurry: They’re deals of the day, so they won’t last long.

Puzzles are a great way to pass the time with your family, entertain guests, or just keep your hands and mind busy. But if you don’t finish a puzzle in one sitting, your coffee table can quickly become an annoying, perpetual Puzzle Zone.

Jumbl puzzle boards help solve this problem: They provide a designated, portable work space for puzzling and puzzle storage. Their stable design lets you work from a table, on the floor, and even in bed. And when you finish your puzzle, you can slide it off the board for framing.

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These boards come with drawers for organization, storage, and sorting between sessions. Magnets make sure the drawers stay closed for transportation.

The Jumbl puzzle boards come in two sizes: one for 1000-piece puzzles and one for 1500-piece puzzles.

Jumbl 1000-Piece Puzzle Board$64.95 $79.99 (save $15.04)

Jumbl’s 1000-piece puzzle board is 23” x 31” and has four built-in trays that you can use to sort pieces by shapes or colors.

Jumbl 1000-Piece Puzzle Board on a white background.

Credit: Jumbl

Jumbl 1500-Piece Puzzle Board$79.95 $99.99 (save $20.04)

The larger Jumbl puzzle board is 27” x 35” — perfect for 1500-piece puzzles. It also has six compartments for storage.

Jumbl 1500-Piece Puzzle Board on a white background.

Credit: Jumbl

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