The best robot vacuum for you: Roomba, Roborock, Eufy models and more compared

If you’re ready to pass off the floor cleaning to a helpful automaton, a robot vacuum cleaner could be a good fit for your household. We talk through our favorite options in a variety of price ranges.

We also talk about what kind of features and cleaning power you can expect in each price range. Do you need to pay more for smarts? There’s a new feature that lets vacuums automatically avoid obstacles like pet waste, but does it work? See models from iRobot, Roborock and Eufy in action as we answer all of these questions.

00:00 Intro
01:20 Pros and Cons
03:37 Budget Friendly Option
05:34 Mid Range Option
07:33 High End Option
10:24 Avoiding Disaster
11:48 Outro

See all of the models we tested here:

Buy our top three here:
Roomba s9+:
Roborock s7:
Robovac 25c:
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