Slavic cuisine at the heart of Dubai

Vesna is a restaurant and lounge with contemporary Slavic cuisine, which basically represents most favorite dishes of all post USSR countries. Owned and operated by Aston Restaurant Management Group, Vesna Dubai is located in the Mezzanine of the Conrad Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road.


“Dubai, as opposed to big cities like London, New York, Paris, Los Angeles and other cities has never had a decent high class restaurant with Eastern European cuisine,” said Alexandra Vovchenko , Owner , Vesna Restaurant. “With the huge number of Russian speaking residents is in the UAE, there were no doubts that such a place was anticipated in Dubai. Moreover, Dubai is one of the favorite destinations for Russians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs, Uzbeks and neighboring nationalities.”

When visiting Vesna Restaurant & Lounge, guests experience authentic Slavic hospitality. “All our staff members come from Eastern Europe and have been trained to the highest service standards by the best trainer from Moscow. Also, we put enormous effort into finding a chef that would match our expectations.” Alexandra declared that bringing a new cuisine to Dubai would be a challenge for any chef, as he has to adapt the cuisine style to make it attractive to everyone without changing the authentic taste. After seeing numerous candidates in Ukraine and Russia, the management selected Maksim Tvorogov, a young, talented celebrity chef from Saint Petersburg. “Maksim is working his very best to make every single guest in Vesna fall in love with our cuisine.”

Chicken Kiev

Set to push the culinary boundaries in the region, the restaurant has succeeded to meet its goal. However, it is not that easy to find the required ingredients for the Slavic dishes in Dubai.Finding the right ingredients for our menu to make the food taste like home was one of the main challenges that we encountered. Together with Maksim, we tried every single supplier to select the right ingredients for each dish,” she explained.


Besides the tasty food, décor and entertainment play a vital role in attracting guests to the restaurants. The idea behind the interior design of Vesna was to bring the elements of lavish Slavic home, yet make it very understandable for international customers in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Describing the interiors, Alexandra said, “Velvet furniture, crystal chandeliers, exposed bricks with ornaments, handmade throws from Ukraine, gold foiled ceilings – each and every element was deliberately selected to make Eastern Europeans feel like home and allow foreigners to feel that they are somewhere outside of Dubai.”


She continued, “Live entertainment is very important to us. We have a live singer from Ukraine with amazingly beautiful voice, who performs Eastern European and International music six days a week. Moreover, during the weekends we organize karaoke nights, which are extremely popular in our countries.”

Vesna’s owner admits that the team is trying to change people’s perspective of Eastern European restaurants, previously thought to be cheap places with heavy food. “Being the only fine Eastern European restaurant in the Middle East, we are breaking all the stereotypes and I can absolutely say that we are the only place in the Middle East where guests can indulge in delicious borsch, chicken kiev, honey cake and other internationally known Slavic favorites,” she affirmed.


Alexandra’s favorite dish from the menu: Fried pelmeni with salmon and honey cake.

“Fried pelmeni is very traditional and everyone’s childhood favorite and our Honey cake is just out of this world and without any doubt the best in town!”




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